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LOVELOVELOVE! [04|26|06 @ 10 AM]
This morning I made cupcakes =)

Well, more like I woke up at 6am, biked to the store, got served by the only sketchy cashier there, mixed it all up and then realized I didn't have any cupcakes tins. So I made cake. Haha I love the fact that I made myself a cake the day before my birthday. I didn't even realize the implications of that.

I'm wearing a cute hairclip and life is good.
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guilt is silly. [04|19|06 @ 09 PM]

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Bacon and i claim to hate breakfast food.
Literary: Stevie Diamond & Sammy Keyes series they're like... predictable 'mysteries' marketed to twelve year olds. i still read them sometimes because i'm awesome.
Audiovisual: 6teen ugh... i watch it everday if i can manage it. today some guy broke up with that blonde girl cause she walked around on a beach with toilet paper sticking out of her bathing suit. colour me shallow and easily amused.
Musical: Jewel ok i know basically every word to her 0304. follow your heeeeeeart, your intuition, lalalla
Celebrity: Nicole Ritchie okso she looks like a pruney skeletron but she's seriously like 94798748 times more funny and charismatic than paris hilton. i love her!

Now I tag:-

bloodangelic _citynoise freedomhangs oddduck58 and sunliner

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
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hi! friendsonly loves [04|07|06 @ 10 PM]
first entries are death to the power of 495986
so here i am with my 4th eljay and golly gosh i just might update this time!
as always it's friendsonly. comment, be added. blahblah.

remind me again why i still do this?
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